Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

weight loss mistakes to avoid

7 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Weight loss is a long, slow and difficult journey. This process is made even more difficult when errors regime meddle. Do not fall into these traps there! Read and understand these errors you will achieve your goal sooner than expected.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in the field: you know all the tips and tricks of the weight loss and fitness, you’ve probably made some mistakes in your diet. When it comes to losing weight, we often fall into many traps and hope that we do the right thing. In fact, we could do more harm than good.

weight loss mistakes to avoid Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

7 mistakes to avoid weight loss

1 / Buy food « 0% »

If you buy foods that are labeled as « diet », « fat free » or « sugar free » drop them immediately and go in the opposite direction! These words usually mean that the food you are about to buy is anything but healthy.
When food companies remove a nutrient such as fat to a « fat free » food, they need to add something in return to make « edible. » These ingredients that boost flavor typically include chemicals, refined carbohydrates and large amounts of sugar.
Together, these additives can harm your loss goals fats

2 / Do not eat enough

If you want to lose fat, the logical first step is to reduce your caloric intake, right? It is therefore logical that the more you reduce your calories, the more you eliminate fat. Wrong! Seriously reduce your calories can be effective for a short period of time, but your metabolism will slow down slowly to finally get to a screeching halt.

If you decrease your intake too much for a long time, you will not see results.

3 / Go to the extreme

We live in a world of all-or-nothing. For many people, the regime is certainly not an exception. I heard it all: « You need to eat 10 times a day to lose weight » « Make sure you eat 600 grams of carbs. » « Never eat fruit or dairy products. » « You need 30 of these supplements to lose weight. » « 1h Make cardio every day! »

Of course some of these things may work for some people but for a limited time!
If you are there to lose weight long term, as you should do (and not 10 kg in one month that will resume soon after), remember that balance and moderation are the keys to your success.

My suggestion: Follow these tips to moderate and not so exaggerated. For example, if you chose to practice a sport, increase or decrease the dose slowly until you find the right balance for you.

weight loss mistakes to avoid2 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Weight loss 4 / Follow the latest fad diet

If you have already tried the hormonal system, the cabbage soup diet, the diet of 3 days, the Blood Type, or another type of fad diet plan, you must stop immediately!

In general, fad diets work. However, they only work for a short period of time. When you return to a normal diet, do not expect that your body will follow.

The majority of these schemes prove unhealthy, extreme, and should not be performed for a period of time.

I always tell my clients, « Do not do anything you can not or do not want to follow the rest of your life. »

5 / Devour the weekend everything that made you want the week

Pizza or a chocolate cake from time to time is normal and can be beneficial mentally and physically. But if you eat everything and anything like an ogre for a whole weekend, you will have a slight problem.
Eating this way all weekend not only slows down your progress, but it may stop altogether

6 / Ignore what your body tells you

Believe it or not, we have hormones that tell us when we are hungry and when we need to stop eating. When we stop to listen to these signals, problems such as obesity may appear.

Sometimes we are so focused to eat just 300 calories every three hours that we forget to listen to what our body is telling us.

Are you hungry when the clock strikes every three hours? You are so hungry you could eat the paint on the walls? Have you always hungry when you finish your meal? Try to eat only based on your body and your feelings, without using the clock to tell you when to eat. You might be surprised by what you learn.

7 / Forgetting to live

You are obsessed with every ounce of every food you put in your mouth? Do you have a panic attack if you can not take the « meal » exactly four hours after the « three meals »? If this is the case, it may be time to stop, slow down and breathe. Do not let the quest for health become an unhealthy obsession.

Call the first meal of the day « . Meal 1″ and not breakfast Go out with friends, eat a piece of chocolate, listen to your hunger signals. Smile, relax and have fun, this is the essential and do not forget to live your life!

Weight Loss Mistakes

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