The importance of protein for weight loss

the importance of protein for weight loss

The importance of protein for weight loss

Most of those trying to gain muscle, following a program of muscle mass and also take fat is inevitable. Then they set out « radical » mode and remove all fat from their diet, including the share of proteins associated with some fat meat or fish. The problem is that radically cutting diet, weight loss will be waiting for you, certainly, but the body does not make the difference between fat and muscle it does not save! So you’ll probably see a lower weight, you will be tired and … still fat! What lessons should we draw?

They are essential whatever your goal

Proteins make up the bulk of your muscles and are involved in the metabolic processes of construction, repair and immunity. To lose fat, it is not enough to reduce calorie intake because we are genetically programmed to save these important fat reserves for survival. Caloric restriction will therefore first effect of melt muscles … unless you provide your body with protein to keep the muscle and allow it to recover quickly, but it is not everything. Muscle mass is consuming more calories and have muscle, you burn more fat. So to prevent this muscle loss is the best thing you can do to lose fat.

Protein sources

Good food sources of protein are chicken, fish, eggs, lean meats, legumes (beans), soy and dairy products. Protein supplements in powder form are perfectly balanced and more convenient than food sources. They provide quality protein without fat or excess calories. This is an additional source of protein coming reinforcements in your diet weight loss.

Proteins increase the basal metabolism

Exercise is the best way to strengthen your muscles. Training is one of the best incentives for the body. The requested muscle resists training, repairs itself, strengthens, and it grows, the better it is watered protein. The basal metabolic rate is determined by the amount of energy (and calories) needed for your body to rest. This is the minimum necessary to keep your body, its organs, its cells and exchanges, working condition. This depends on several factors such as age, height, weight, male or female. When we attack a period of calorie restriction, the body draws on its fat and sugar, but also in muscle mass. To avoid this, we must absorb a sufficient amount of protein to provide the missing calories and preserve muscle. The association strength and protein helps maintain lean body mass and continue to build muscle, even while dieting. Paradoxically, the training increases basal metabolism, because that develops muscle needs more calories to maintain itself in the state. Caloric expenditure increases more with the protein intake, the energy used for digestion.

the importance of protein for weight loss The importance of protein for weight loss

Protein is thermogenic

Protein intake every single meal will help increase constantly burning fat. Why? Because the protein to be digested, the body requires an effort which must first be broken down into amino acids assimilated. This effort digestion generates heat and increases the temperature of the body. If the temperature rises by only 1 or 2 degrees, increasing metabolism and calories are burned in greater numbers. This thermogenic effect is the consequence of this effort of digestion. An adequate intake of protein will determine your propensity to burn fat and even better, the increase!

Protein is satiating

The success of high protein diets is based on this fact. Protein consumption increases satiety and prevents cravings. Proteins provide energy without the drawbacks of sugar, that is to say, they do not raise insulin secretion. More they delay the arrival of hunger through their indirect effect on brain chemistry, affecting serotonin via tryptophan, which regulates both satiety and mood. This is because they stay longer in the stomach, being longer to digest, hence the feeling of being « propped up » more sustainable. Participants in another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that they experience more satisfaction, less hunger, and better weight loss when the share increases protein in their diet. This works even better in combination with exercise and weight training in particular. Proteins with the greatest appetite suppressant power are those of milk, including casein. This would have a much greater effect on protein turkey, egg and tuna satiety. Since this effect would continue on other meals of the day, adding a source of casein at every meal should be a favorable element weight management!

What is the best protein?

In terms of quality and digestibility, nothing equals the whey or whey protein, also known as whey. How it is mined, concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate also counts. The isolate is the purest form digestible, and more available. One of its main advantages is that it acts very quickly. Casein or milk protein, protein is considered a slow assimilation. It is preferable for a system, given the feeling of satiety and its effect on fat loss. It is interesting to use at different times of the day, such as morning whey, casein at night. The egg protein is one of the oldest still used and very good quality. Today it is rarely used alone but occurs in part in the composition of many mixed proteins. Some proteins trade mix several sources and whey mixture / casein is one that stimulates more muscle growth at any time of the day, combining all the advantages of these two complementary proteins over time. Soy is an interesting and quality alternative for those who can not tolerate milk or protein for vegetarians.

How much protein?

It does not necessarily need to take a very large amount of protein throughout the day, but otherwise distribute so as to ensure that your body receives between 20 and 30g every 3 hours. The best way is to make snacks between meals with the number of meals to 5 or 6 per day. By doing so, you not only avoid sugar spikes and cravings, but more effort digestion requires you to burn calories. If you reduce sugar and fat from your diet, you will find the calories needed elsewhere in the protein. Go with what you usually eat, decrease starches in favor of green vegetables, avoid fat and increase your share of meat or fish. For snacks, add cheese to 0% of egg white omelettes, or protein powder. You’ll see, you’ll quickly make up.

When to take protein?

There are special moments for making proteins, some of which are downright essential.

Immediately after training, it is one of the key moments. The absorbed proteins then come rebuild damaged muscles through exercise and allow recovery of muscle tissue. In the one-hour window after training, an additional contribution is essential because if the protein right after training were completely metabolized, this new provision will allow them to feed the muscles to promote their development.

Breakfast is another key moment. Your body has lived on its reserves during the night and needs protein even before any other food. In addition, protein fasting boost your metabolism which, as a bonus, can lose fat.

Just before bedtime, this is the last thing your body will absorb the night before. Your choice of protein is important at this time to benefit throughout the night. The association whey + casein gives the best results.

Other moments are important, for example, between meals away from several hours to make a difference, a protein snack is needed. You can also take the form of powder, in addition to your meals, if they are too low in protein. During the night, when you want to pass a course of muscle growth, you can simply add a shaker protein to your daily diet.


Proteins have many benefits for losing weight. They reduce the bad sources of calories from good, to build more muscle mass and therefore more energy at rest. Thanks to them, your diet is better, your metabolism increases, allowing you less hungry. All this positively affects your weight loss including your fight against excess fat!

protein for weight loss

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