Equipment for weight loss

equipment for weight loss

Equipment for weight loss

The cardio is an activity that accelerates fat loss in addition to a balanced diet and strength training adapted. In this article, we will present the calorific expenditure made with the five most common devices in a gym (estimates for a 80 kg person who trains for 30 min at a rate of perceived exertion ranging between hard and very hard). For each device, the strengths and weaknesses will be presented so you can choose your wisely.


Calories burned: 450-475

Highlights: walking or running are natural activities, most people can enjoy the treadmill for a long time.

Weaknesses: rapid increases in the speed and / or incline may affect the movement of the user and cause injury. Do not exceed more than 3% to 4% slope. Set intensity by first modulating the speed of the belt that should be raised gradually.


Calories burned: 420-429

Strengths: low load (body weight) than treadmill and relatively easy to use. In addition, many devices are equipped with levers for the upper body, providing a better overall job.

Cons: depending on the size of the user, the arc of motion can be either excessive or too limited. A small person can find themselves in an uncomfortable position because of the deformation of the natural gait. A tall can be forced to insufficiently long strides for the training is beneficial.

equipment for weight loss Equipment for weight loss

Ergonomic Bike

Calories burned: 350-400

Strengths: easy to use, most users feel at ease immediately. The knees are less stressed than the material additional charges.

Weaknesses: whatever the ergonomics of the seat, the strain on the lumbar spine (lumbar region) due to compression of the column can be problematic.

Recumbent bike

Calories burned: 350-375

Strengths: With a wide seat and the presence of a file, this device is a better option than the bike.

Weaknesses: For a large part of people, however, prolonged sitting can be uncomfortable. In addition, users with « foot drop » (weakness of the muscles of the ankle and toes) may have difficulties because their feet can slip straps attached to the pedals.


Calories burned: 430-440

Strengths: This unit requires you to provide a continuous effort since it corresponds to the rise of side during all the duration of the session. This device may prove to be an excellent means of rehabilitation after a knee injury since there is very little impact.

Weaknesses: learning movement can take time. In general, users rely too much on the arm, which reduces the overall effort by 30%. Moreover, many people are looking too far ahead, where poor posture which can cause injury.

Equipment for weight loss

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